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Interior Perfume
Interior Perfume

Client: major german car manufacturer

A little perfume bottle arrived in the mail and I was free to explore how to turn olfactory information into a visual. I love these kinds of translations!

The fig leaf base of the scent brought me back to a childhood memory of sitting in a fig tree during family holidays, amazed by all the new impressions. I think this amazement when we see new things we can bring with us our whole lives and always be a bit of a child again. And that’s what I feel when I close my eyes and dive into the scent: Exactly this moment after a busy day of exploring, I stop for a short second, take a deep breath and realise how beautiful everything is right now. It’s a calm moment, but there is an energy of excitement at the same time, anticipating all the future things to come. Almost like a perfectly balanced ambiguity. Strong and big beside small and light. Total calm and yet a buzz of excitement and energy. To transfer this feeling I tried to bring out the character of the fig leaves, like the perfume does. With all the textures and fine details, but overall big shapes. Like a calm anchor. At the same time there is a freshness in the scent, a movement. I incorporated this with having the open Sky in front of her and a breeze going through her hair. The white little birds also bring some pure elements into the green leaves.

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